Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reedy Fork Organic Chicken Feed

We are proud to be carrying Organic Chicken Feed from Reedy Fork Farms.  We've been carrying it for 3 months now and have heard rave reviews from everyone who's used it.  You can pick up feed during any of our normal business hours (9-6 Mon - Sat).  For more information about the feed and the farm it comes from visit

We currently have Organic Layer Feed, but we are also occasionally able to special order specific items including Chicken Scratch, Soy Free varieties, Duck, Goat, and Rabbit feed.  If you are interested in any of these specialty items, call us at 828-658-3700.

Ingredients in the Organic Layer Feed

Chickens just love it!


  1. How often does Reedy Fork deliver to you? Our local feed store in Rutherfordton no longer is going to be able to carry organic non soy chick feed. Do you take standing orders? thanks.

    samm in Rutherfordton

  2. Hi Samm, We have gotten an order in about every 1-2 months depending on how fast it is selling. We can take orders ahead and prefer to. Please give us a call at 828-658-3700 to find out what is currently in stock or to place an order for the next delivery.