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Sale continues

Since the snow and cold weather has limited some folks from getting around we are extending our pottery sale into this week. All Glazed Pots are still 40% Off. We have a sale table inside with certain items like Amaryllis, Thymes Frazier Fur scented products and a few pretty things left from Valentine's, all 20% Off. Coming Soon... a little history of Thyme in the Garden... with photos!


VALENTINE'S SALE THIS WEEK All glazed pots 40% OFF! Everything else 20% OFF! (except consignment pieces) We get told all the time our prices are anyways great on our pots, and with 40% off, you can't find a better buy. We want to make room for a HUGE shipment of pottery coming by the end of the month. So come get ready for Spring and save this week!

Container Potting Services

We specialize in container growing and putting together beautiful potted arrangements for inside and outside. Right now our shop is filled with sweet scents from forced bulbs like Hyacinths, Tulips, Amaryllis and more. There is a fun array of tropical ferns and foliage plants to choose from and we love to help customers find ways to combine their favorites with either their container or one from the shop.


We have 4 new baby finches with their proud parents and Debbie and Tom's winter resort!! They are about a week out of the nest and cute as can be. If anyone is interested in a pair(they are happier in pairs) when they are older, give us a call!


All next week, FEB.8th-13th, our Valentine to you dear customer, is a BIG SALE. All our glazed ceramic pots will be 40% OFF! Everything else will be 20% OFF! We are hoping to make room for our Spring delivery of exciting new pots and all kinds of new unique and beautiful gifts for your home and garden. We've still got a great selection of pots of all sizes, shapes and colors, so please come and let us help you find the right one. It won't be long until it is time to start getting over our drab winter and let us help you fill those containers with beautiful spring color!