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Upcoming Workshops

Succulent Pumpkins Sept 30th at  1pm        $49 material provided  offered again on Oct 28th at 1pm      Please call us at 828-658-3700 to reserve a spot in this hands-on workshop.   Succulent-topped pumpkins, adorned with berries and seedpods, make great centerpieces, hostess gifts, and entryway decorations. Succulents are planted on top of pumpkins, not in them so any size pumpkin will work, and the result will last far longer than a carved pumpkin.                                                                                                           Terrariums October 7th at 1pm   $15 includes basic materials only Please call 828-658-3700 to reserve your spot in this class. Create a mini garden in a glass terrarium with tropical plants that thrive with the extra humidity provided by the container. You will learn about planting and care of open-style terrariums and good design principles. Fee covers basic supplies like moss, pepples, soil, etc