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Come see the Peak Selection

Right now, our plant selections for outdoors are popping with color and filled to the brim with unusual foliage and interesting textures. Our greenhouse has a mixture of shade perennials and annuals, and the grounds around the shop are stocked with all kinds of sun annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetable starts. Some of the favorites right now: Tuberous Begonias, good for bold colorful blooms all summer, for part sun-shade. Salvia, Heliotrope, Cleome, Cosmos, Lantana, Verbena and many more, attract butterflies. Coleus, Elephant Ears, Caladiums, Cloral Bells all have striking foliage to either be a focal point in your plantings, or add necessary contrast. Many kinds of trailing, blooming annuals are in stock representing every color of the rainbow. Come by and find just what you're looking for, we are very happy to help. Or if you'd like to just come stroll our gardens, they are looking full of blooming color!