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Winter Season

December finds the shop filled with beautiful, unique gifts and decor.  It's our goal to make the shop a fun and delightful experience, rich for the senses and inspiring connections with nature, especially the plant kingdom.  We hope to help make your festivities merry and bright no matter the tradition you celebrate. The winter season is also a beautifully calm and quiet time for many of us. Reflections from the past year, of the garden's growth, beauty, as well as failings, filter through and can also leave us to wonder at the wisdom of the cycles of nature. What ways do you find solace and nourishment through the darker and colder months? We always return to the companionship and gentle presence of plants in our lives. Be it tending to our treasured houseplants, making tea from herbs, dried and stored from the summer's harvests, crafting beautiful tokens of love to cheerup a dear friend, cooking and serving meals that highlight locally grown produce... all of these are e