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Ready for the Holidays

If you've been in the shop lately, you know we have a wide selection of gifts and decorations for the holidays as well as anytime of the year. We have something for everyone, not just garden lovers! Also right now, we have samples of fresh wreaths that are really outstanding, which we take orders for so you can get it fresh, when you want it. They come in mixed greenery, Frasier fir, Boxwood, and Magnolia. The Frasier Fir scent from Thymes is very popular. We carry not only the hand soap and candles, but also the reed dispenser, room spray, and hand lotion. They are all wonderful, long-lasting products to luxuriate in through the holidays. (actually it is wonderful scent year-round too!) These pear candles burn with a translucent glow for 24 hours. Handmade Pewter ornaments from Beehive! Scandinavian x-mas balls. Bulbs for forcing in the winter. We also create indoor gardens with bulbs as the centerpiece. Come get one already started, or force one yourself and enjoy watching

A Great Gift

One of our very best sellers are these solar lanterns that turn on at night and glow for about 6 hours. They are made to be outdoors in the full sun and rain. They have a LED light and AAA rechargeble battery. They are beautiful in the daytime too, available four soft colors. One great advantage as a gift is that they collaspe and come in a slim box; great for mailing.