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New Arrival!

Perennials and Veggie Starts for Fall!

Today we are getting our first delivery of plants for Autumn. (I know, it seems like it might still be a little hot during the afternoons, but it really is time for planting veggies that thrive in the cooler temps. of Autumn. Sowing spinach, lettuce, turnips, kale, collards, and more now will get your plants established before the really cooler temps. stunt growth.
We'll have this weeks as starts: cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and collards. In the following weeks, we'll add lettuce starts as well.
With your salad greens, sowing in successions will give you an extended harvest and allow you to eat them when they're best. You might want to rig up some way to cover them with floating row covers, to extend them even more through the winter.
Also arriving today, some perennial herbs, like Rosemary and Lavender, as well as a few perennial ornamentals, that are great for both the landscape, as well as planted containers for Autumn and even Winter.