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Autumn Planting

We've had a very hot summer this year, so we're looking forward to the crisper days of October. To me that means bright blue skies, colorful foliage everywhere and the perfect time to do a lot of planting in the garden.

The soil stays warmer longer than we realize, so roots have a good chance to establish before the hard freeze comes. Also, they don't have the stress of the heat that plants planted in late spring and summer will have, requiring constant watering. It is still important to pay attention to watering, especially if we don't get a lot of rain, but you'll find the ground doesn't dry out as quickly.

It is a great time to divide, transplant, dig up plants to move or give them to neighbors if you're ready for a change. Also, Fall is the time to put in your Spring blooming bulbs.

In stock now, at our shop, are Crocus, Miniature Daffodils, and Hyacinths. It is so lovely in early, early spring, before things begin to green up, to get a promise of things to come with the cheery yellow heads of Tete' a Tete Daffodils blooming.
Also, many of these bulbs can be forced indoors to bloom through the winter, by chilling them now till the end of the year to imitate Winter, then bringing a few out at a time to enjoy watching them grow and bloom. Just box up some and label them and put them at the back of a refrigerator.

Be sure to check back here this winter, when we'll have more info on forcing bulbs.