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Plants of the Week

Meadow Sage with California Poppies
Perennial of the week:  Saliva.

There are several groups of Saliva that we carry, some that are hardy here and others that are grown as annuals in this climate.   The Meadow Sages are in full bloom right now in the garden. They are an excellent plant for a sunny cutting border where you want spiky clumps of dark purple to bright blues.  Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to them and you can remove faded blooms to encourage repeat flowering.  They are also drought tolerant, but can take our humid summers as well.

We also have several types of common sage, Salvia greggii or Autumn Sage as well as others like Mexican and Brazilian Sage, which are spectacular in late Summer into Autumn.

Annual of the week:  Tuberous Begonias

There are several types of tuberous begonias, but the favorites this time of the year are the double, non-stop varieties, that produce 2-4 inch blooms that are brightly colored.  Some varieties have ornamental leaves too, which make them attractive among other annuals in potted arrangements or window boxes.  They adaptable plants but perform the best in part-sun to shade.