Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's new...

Here are some shots from around the shop today. The warm weather is making us all busy in the garden.  There are a lot of people wanting to go ahead and plant the warm weather annuals and vegetables.  It is best to focus now on perennials, shrubs and trees.   Dividing, transplanting and planting new perennials in your beds are all great activities right now. And with all the rain we're having, the burden of watering is not as heavy.  Of course, the rain and warmth makes the weeds grow too...

We've gotten in wonderful perennials for sun and shade and are just beginning to get a few annuals and blooming baskets in.  If you do plant annuals, make sure you take notice of the weather and any late freezes we might have later in the month, and be prepared to cover at night.  (hopefully not... but you never know!)

Our annual Spring Open House is April 21-22nd; overlapping Earth Day, so come celebrate with us and find something wonderful to plant in the garden!

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