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Reflections from our Spring Open House

We were thrilled with the turn out on Sat. April 12th for our 8th Annual Spring Open House and Dove Release. Here are some pictures and some of the sentiments about the use of doves to celebrate our community. Thanks to Julia Gaunt of Asheville White Dove Releases for sharing her following words of wisdom and beautiful birds with us.

"White doves have represented peace for centuries. On April 12th at 4pm we released a flock of doves to celebrate Spring and the wish for our community to live in peace and harmony.

The beauty and grace of how doves come together in support of one another has even greater significance when we have the opportunity to watch them as they ascend in the the sky and gather together to find their way home.

You may see that when one or more doves goes astray, the whole flock will circle around to take that bird in. Isn't this a beautiful example of the way that we can be in our own communities?

Please know that, no birds are left behind, because we use only professionally trained Rock Doves who are specially trained to make their way back home right here in Woodfin."