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What's new in 2022?

Our DIY Terrarium Bar is open and ready for you to come plant terrariums!
We're trialing this arrangement this winter as we return to more in-person events and workshops in 2022. 

Step 1: Pick out the glass container you would like you use. You may also bring one from home. Clear glass works the best, not something with texture.

Step 2: Pick out plants! Remember to pair plants that have similar needs together. Succulents with plants that like dry conditions, and ferns with plants that prefer humidity and moisture.

Step 3: Design your mini landscape at our terrarium bar. Please notify us that you are ready so we can start a ticket for you based on your plants, glass, and the pricing below.


Soil, fertilizer, moss, rocks, and sand are all included.

Some special items on display can be used but must be purchased separately.

2-3" are $6

4-6” are $10

7-10" are $14

Larger terrariums can be quoted