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Indoor tropical plant list

This list is current as of 4/16/20.   The purpose is to give a general idea of what we have. Please call 828-658-3700 to place an order and we'll assist you in the choosing of your plants.

Silver Satin Philodendron, Variegated and solid green Philodendron

6” Ferns - $16
Birds Nest, Pteris, Asparagus, Holly 

6” Foliage $16-$24
Philodendron—solid green, variegated, silver satin
Pothos—neon, white marbled
Parlor Palm, Fittonia, Anthurium—red, purple, Syngonium, Dracaena, Dieffenbachia, Sansevieria, Hoya, Fiddleleaf Fig, Xanadu, Monstera

4” Ferns $6.50
Bear Paw/Blue Star, Holly, Lemon Button, Asparagus, Mahogony, Maiden Hair

4” Foliage $6.50-$14
Silver Satin Philodendron, Polka Dot, Dacaena, African Violet, Purple Oxalis, Pilea (multiple types), Peperomia (Multiple species), Fittonia, Syngonium, Pilea Peperomia, Monstera, Bromeliad

4” Succulents $7.50-$10.00
Kalanchoe, Aloe (multiple species), Sansevieria, Jade, Echeveria, Hoya

3.5” Creeping Fig $5

2” Foliage/Ferns   $4-$7.50
African Mask, Staghorn Fern, Pilea, Purple Waffle, Peperomia, Aluminium Plant, Lipstick, Assorted Ferns, Syngonium, Aralia, Purple Oxalis, Rex Begonia, Stawberry Begonia, Parlor Palm, Pilea Peperomia

2” Succulents  $4
Haworthia (multiple species), Echeveria, Jade, Sansevieria

10” Large plants      prices vary
Monstera, White Bird of Paradise, ZZ Plant, Sanseviera, Moclame Ficus

Indoor Hanging Baskets    prices vary
Rex Begonia, Staghorn Fern, Swiss Cheese Plant, Variegated Philodendron



Purple Anthurium and Bromeliad